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Abstracts 2023

Thunderstorm asthma in the East Midlands is associated with increased exposure to pollen and fungal spores

Sarah Diver, Leah Cuthbertson, Fiona Symon, Jack Satchwell, Heather Lipscombe, Ruth Green, Anna Hansell, Chris Brightling

Detecting lung cancer via bronchoscopy in haemoptysis patients with a normal CT thorax scan – are we performing too many bronchoscopies at NUH?

Zoe Shipley, Dr Emma O'Dowd, Dr Harry Pick

Assessing ICS responsiveness in severe asthma using BDP/formoterol NEXThaler™ dose-counting and FeNO suppression

Hnin Aung, C. E. Boddy, E. Hampson, M. Bell, L. Parnell, J. Metcalf, K. Balasundaram, A. Murphy, S. Naveed, P. Bradding.

Role of EBUS in diagnosis and management of haematological malignancy

Kay Kyaw and Hnin Wint Wint Aung

Studying the Characteristics and Outcomes of People with Lung Cancer to Implement a Prehabilitation Service Pathway– A Retrospective Study

Vimal Kumar, Ceri Butler, Andrew Packham, Heather Mackinnon, Rajini Sudhir

Post-Hospitalisation COVID-19 (PHOSP-COVID): a prospective multi-centre UK cohort study

Omer Elneima, H. J. C. McAuley, O. C. Leavy, J. D. Chalmers, L. P. Ho, A. Horsley, M. Marks, B. Raman, A Singapuri, K Poinasamy, R. A. Evans, C. E. Brightling, L.V. Wain

Ensuring a robust pathway for COPD diagnosis for people admitted to hospital with suspected COPD - a quality improvement project

L Clinch, Z Hawksley, Houchen-Wolloff, L, Gardiner N, T Ward

A comparison of obstructive sleep apnoea severity between software scored and manually scored sleep studies and reviewing the clinical impact

Amy Jackson, Stephanie Cooke, Fatima Moheimani and Sonia Correa-Muller

Predicting outcomes of acute exacerbations of interstitial lung disease: A multicentre observational study

Amanda T Goodwin, Hannah Lawrence, Cleo Byrne, Charlotte Tunnell, Chii Haw Hon, Amna Burzic, Hui Xian Tan, Cara Flynn, Sameen Toor, Wilsonne Andrew Kyle Chua, Joanne Mae Ruanto, Qazi Mohammad Waleed, Salwa Anis, Mohammed Al-Aghbari, Arwa Alazhari, Harisha Nagaraja Shivamoggi, Chashanthi Mariathas, 

Jessica Cairns, Bibek Gooptu, Gauri Saini, Harvinder S Virk

Physical rehabilitation interventions for people living with multiple pre-existing long-term conditions and long COVID; a scoping review

Emily Morgan-Selvaratnam, Lucy Gardiner, Dr Hannah Young, Holly Drover, Professor Sally Singh, Professor Rod Taylor, Dr Rachael Evans

"Something Like a House of Horrors": A Mixed Methods Study Examining the Reasons for Refusal of Potentially Curative Treatment in Early-stage Lung Cancer

Helen Morgan, Richard Hubbard; David Baldwin; Rachael Murray: Manpreet Bains; Emma O’Dowd

Recovery and health related quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with pre-existing airways diseases: results from a prospective UK cohort (PHOSP-COVID)

Omer Elneima, H. J. C. McAuley, J.R. Hurst, S. Walker, S.Siddiqui, P. Novotny, J. K. Quint, P. Pfeffer, A. Sheikh, J. S. Brown, M. Shankar-Hari, C. Echevarria, R. A. Evans, L.V. Wain, L. G. Heaney, A. De Soyza, C.E. Brightling

Exploring healthcare utilisation and self-care among patients with COPD prior to a hospital admission

Jamieson J, Clinch L, Parker S, Vincent E, Mitchell-Issitt C, Moss R, Gardiner N, Houchen-Wolloff L





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